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Select one or more of our Upgrades

to create the best relaxation experience for you!



Essential Oils

Just like craving a certain food when you need a particular nutrient, our bodies prefer different scents when there is a benefit to be gained from the fragrance.


doTERRA provides the purest, highest quality essential oils. 

upgrade for only   $ 5.00

inquire at time of service

Massage Flame

Light the flame... feel the warmth

Drench yourself in a multi-sensory experience. Massage Flame candles are the perfect choice for a warm, relaxing massage experience. Each experience oil is therapeutically infused with beneficial essential oils and luxurious emollients, leaving your skin silky smooth and irresistibly scented.


upgrade for only   $ 5.00

inquire at time of service

Massage flame.jpg

Lacuna Botanicals

CBD Massage & Spa Products

"Whether in the city or in the mountains, our bodies take a beating every day. From sore muscles and joints to dry skin and everything in between,

we felt there had to be a more natural alternative to prescription opiates

and silicon/petroleum based products that have flooded the market. Like many of you, we have tried numerous products with most never quite

getting the job done. In response, we started Lacuna Botanicals with the mission of creating the best natural products we could. We source the

highest quality ingredients from Colorado and from around the world."

upgrade for only   $ 5.00

inquire at time of service

Talk with your therapist, at time of service, to find out what Upgrade would work best for you!

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